Editorial: 1st Anniversary of GHAM CHAAYA - First Nepali Radio Program

– Madhu Gurung

Editorial: 1st Anniversary of GHAM CHAAYA - First Nepali Radio Program

3rd April 2017: This day a year ago we set up our first Nepali Radio Programme and called it “GHAM CHHAYA –“Gorkhali ko Maya. Radio Gorkhali ko.” It became the first of its kind in Uttarakhand and am told around the country. We hope in times to come to make it a Nepali Broadcasting Community Radio aired from Dehradun — which will take in the hopes and aspirations of Gorkhas across the country.

Since its inception we have done roughly 100 episodes on Gorkha history, music, culture, language along with featuring current issues of education, music as well as numerous interviews showcasing Gorkha youth and other icons. Each episode is a landmark in itself.

Not only that a studio ensured we could record songs, we have made original songs thanks to enormously talented musician Vikas Mukhiya and sound recordist Finny Jacob. Already some of the songs that we uploaded on Youtube have met with enormous number of hits. We are now at the stage where we can convert our original songs into our own labels and create CDs that can be bought by music lovers.

When we started GHAM CHHAYA we did not have the money to have our own broadcasting station so we tied up with local FM channel Radio Khushi aired on 90.4 FM that reaches across Uttarakhand. Initially we aired our programmes twice a week. Recently we now air them thrice a week. Our programmes are aired on Sundays (930 – 1030 AM) Tuesdays (8-9 PM) and Thursdays (5-6 PM).

I think its important to talk about the people behind the GHAM CHHAYA endeavour. It started with the aim of trying to keep the gains we had collected from the four day mega event in November of 2015 where we celebrated 200 years of the Gorkhas in India. The event had successfully been able to tap the collective pride and GORKHANESS of the people of Uttarakhand. Over 10,000 people came together and assembled on Mahender grounds, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun where we had the Governor, CM Uttarakhand and Mr Pawan Chamling, the Chief Minister of Sikkim, gracing the function. was a landmark. The four day event brought up a lot of talent that we wanted to tap.

So when the Government of Uttarakhand instituted the Gorkha Kalyan Parishad and made Lt Gen Shakti Gurung as its Chairman we thought we would put Gham Chhaya as its advocacy tool and a platform for all the things we took pride in. Since then the Parishad is now no more but the work that it started continues to grow.

So the idea of the radio we took forward, putting the processes of tying up with Radio Khushi. The people behind Gham Chhaya have been Brig and Mrs CB Thapa, Manju Karki, Royan Yaktumba, Renuka Subba, Purva Singh, Col and Mrs Yuvraj Lama, Upasana Thapa, Col N S Thapa, and Kamla Thapa. Vikas is our in-house musician along with sound recordist Finny Jacob and Arun Gurung. My job is to hold everyone together and try and look at new opportunities for our programmes and work towards our final aim of our Nepali community broadcasting radio station.

We invite anyone to join us in whatever capacity they think they can contribute — as RJs, Script writers, sound recordists, musicians, marketing people and are open to all ideas. GHAM CHHAYA is a work in progress and we welcome all suggestions praise, criticism and funding.

We hope to upload all our episodes on our website: thegorkha.com

Watch out for the above site for our radio episodes and new content. We welcome everyone and hope that you will continue our support and encouragement.

Jai Gorakh