Darjeeling hills First Tulip Garden now in Deolo, Kalimpong!

– The Gorkha

The Aspirations of the Gorkha Community of Uttarakhand
"Everything has a beginning and this beginning is Beautiful”.

Welcome to Darjeeling’s first Tulip Garden in Deolo, Kalimpong. A big shoutout to Neeraj Chhetri for preparing, conceptualizing and executing the project. It is indeed a matter of pride to learn about such exciting venture in Darjeeling hills. As a pilot project, the Tulip garden is to explore new avenues in the Floriculture and Horticulture industry.

“If we have the will, we can have our very own Gulmarg gardens here in Darjeeling Hills. It is just about changing how we perceive Darjeeling as a brand. Floriculture and Horticulture can go a long way in improving tourism, economic development of locals, and also improves outsiders’ perception of Darjeeling and increase our value in the tourism map”, said Neeraj Chhetri founder and CEO of Himalayan Florica, a leading name in the Horticulture and Flower space from the region. With a business network that spans across continents, Neeraj adds “Not just Tulips, our climate is most suitable for different types of flowers, orchids, and fruits. With very little effort in this direction, we can create a huge impact in the society and our standards of living.”

We extend our congratulattion to GTA for supporting this endeavor and hope that Himalayan Florica continues to do such good work future too.